Heidi Prüger with poet and scholar Erich W. Skwara
Heidelinde Prüger
Heidelinde (Heidi) Prüger was born in Vienna in 1973. Specialising in the fields of Scottish and Austrian literature, she graduated with first-class honours Mag.phil. from Klagenfurt and translated William Soutar's Seeds in the Wind from Scots into Viennese in 1998. Since then, she has been a productive literary scholar, editor and poet. In 1999, Heidelinde Prüger's first collection of poems, Bilder einer Stimme, was published by Bibliothek der Provinz. Her study of William Soutar, The Righteousness of Life, was nominated for the "Saltire Scottish First Book of the Year Award". In 2001, she graduated with a PhD summa cum laude sub auspiciis praesidentis at the University of Salzburg. For Journey Without Ending: The Journals of William Soutar she received the "Kulturpreis des Landes Niederösterreich 2001". Further publications include Zigeuner sein (Best of Buchklub 2002), Frau Weberl schickt den Kaiser aus (together with J. Wilkie), At the Year's Fa': Selected Poems by Alex Galloway (ed. and introd.) and, together with James Hogg, The Salzburg Book of Scottish Monks. She was awarded the "Theodor-Körner-Förderungspreis für Wissenschaft und Kunst", the "Würdigungspreis des Bundesministeriums für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur" and the Diploma of Honour, St. Andrew-Association. Heidi Prüger is on the editorial board of Poetry Salzburg Review and has contributed to numerous journals and periodicals. She is currently a project leader and lecturer at the University of Vienna and lives among the Magic Mountains of Payerbach. You can contact her at heidi.prueger@aon.at

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Heidelinde Prüger: Journey Without Ending: The Journals of William Soutar, 2001. 288 pp. ISBN-13 978-3-901993-10-7; ISBN-10 3-901993-10-X
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