Poetry Salzburg Review No. 36

Poetry Salzburg Review No. 36 will be published in Autumn/Winter 2020.
Table of Contents


James Ackhurst | William Bedford | Sharon Black | Claire Booker | Ciaran Buckley | Joe Caldwell | Paul Connolly | David J. Costello | Natalie Crick | Jodie Dalgleish | Jack Debney | Angelena Demaria | Nathaniel Dolton-Thornton | Frank Dux | Gerrie Fellows | Matthew Geden | Adrian Green | Jamie Green | Gene Groves | Jeff Gundy | Jenny Hockey | Wendy A. Howe | Roland John | Terence John | L Kiew | Sean Lause | David Malcolm | Lance Nizami | Jean O'Brien | Richard O'Brien | Eva Olsgard | Tom Paine | Ian Pople | Donna Pucciani | Martin Reed | Elizabeth Ridout | Peter Robinson | Paul Rossiter | Jane Salmons | Penelope Shuttle | Michael Spinks | Marjorie Sweetko | Michael Sutton | Grant Tabard | Andrew Taylor | Jay Thomas | John Tustin | Mark Valentine | Ian Watson | Margaret Wilmot | Lucien Zell |

Horace (transl. by Ranald Barnicot)
Catullus (transl. by Isobel Williams)
Catullus (transl. by Blair Ewing)
Matthias Politycki (transl. by Christophe Fricker)
Bertold Brecht (transl. by Timothy Adčs)
Makpal Zhumabay (transl. by David Cooke)
Marina Tsvetaeva (transl. by Belinda Cooke)
Xe M. Sánchez (transl. by the author)
Vivian Lamarque (transl. by Zack Rogow)
Kamil Tangalychev (transl. by Dean Furbish)

Keith Hutson reviewing David Wilson, Timothy Houghton, William Bedford, and Peter Robinson
D. M. de Silva reviewing Michelle Leggott, Mina Gorji, Rosie Jackson / Graham Burchell, and Nancy Charley
David Malcolm reviewing Jacek Dehnel, Friedrich Hölderlin, Michael Krüger, and Contemporary Kazhak Poetry
Glyn Pursglove on Chris Bendon
Roland John on Edward Lowbury

Cover artwork by Steven Kenny

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