Salzburg Anglophone Critical Studies (SACS)

Submissions are invited for a new book series from the University of Salzburg. Salzburg Anglophone Critical Studies (SACS) aims to promote the best innovative scholarly research in the literatures and cultures of both better known and lesser known nations such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Caribbean, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Comparative cross-national studies as well as studies of ethnic and marginalized literatures and cultures would be welcome. Translation and reception studies will also be considered. The series is open to all critical approaches.

All manuscripts should be in English, original, previously unpublished, and in booklength form. Book proposals of 1,000 words, a table of contents, and a CV should be sent to:

Poetry Salzburg
Dr. Wolfgang Görtschacher
University of Salzburg
Depart of English and American Studies
Unipark Nonntal, Erzabt-Klotz-Str. 1
5020 Salzburg

The following studies have been published so far:

Wolfgang Görtschacher & Andreas Schachermayr (eds.): The Romantic Imagination. A William Oxley Casebook
April 2005. 240 pp. ISBN 3-901993-20-7 (= SACS 1)
£24.50 (+ 2.50 p&p), €30.00 (+ 3.00 p&p), US$ 41.00 (+ 4.00 p&p)

Bahram Beyza'i: The Marionettes. Edited by Jodi-Anne George, Parvin Loloi & Glyn Pursglove
October 2005. 112 pp. ISBN 3-901993-23-1 (= SACS 2)
£18.00 (+ 2.00 p&p), €22.00 (+ 2.50 p&p), US$ 31.00 (+ 3.00 p&p)

Cheryl Alexander Malcolm: Unshtetling Narratives. Depictions of Jewish Identities in British and American Literature and Film. Foreword by Jules Chametzky
January 2006. 214 pp. ISBN 3-901993-21-5 (= SACS 3)
£24.50 (+ 2.50 p&p), €30.00 (+ 3.00 p&p), US$41.00 (+ 4.00 p&p)