Rose Flint
Rose Flint is an artist, an art therapist and a poet. She teaches creative writing and works in healthcare using poetry as a therapeutic medium. Her work has ranged from a music collaboration writing Oratorios from the Mabinogion in four Welsh primary schools to co-tutoring Writing and Spirituality, and Poetry and Healing courses at Ty Newydd. A prize-winning writer, she has received awards from both the Arts Council England and from the Poetry Society. Her first two collections are Blue Horse of Morning (Seren, 1992) and Nekyia (Stride, 2003).

Now living in Bath, Flint spent many years on the Welsh Borders, an experience which continually threads through her creative work. As a committed Green, the mythic and ancestral world of early British peoples with their earth-centred shamanistic spirituality has provided a rich grounding for her poetry.

Books available from Poetry Salzburg:

Rose Flint: Firesigns, April 2004. 111 pp. ISBN-13 978-3-901993-16-9; ISBN-10 3-901993-16-9
£10.50 (+ 2.00 p&p), €13.00 (+ 2.50 p&p), US$18.00 (+ 3.00 p&p)