David Menzies
David Menzies was born in Newfoundland in July 1956, to Scottish parents, and died in Scotland in September 2016. For most of his life he lived in either Stirling or London, though at the very end he was residing in Oban (Argyll and Bute). He had been seriously ill for a number of years before his death, primarily with myeloma. David took a degree in Humanities at Middlesex Polytechnic / University, with Philosophy and English Literature as his main subjects. He later studied Film, TEFL and Multi-Media Information Technology. His poetry appeared in Painted, spoken, Pearl, Poetry Salzburg Review, Terrible Work, and Kater Murr’s Press. Much of his work was lost when his flat in London was re-possessed shortly before his death.

Books available from Poetry Salzburg:

David Menzies: The Narcosis of Water, ed. David Miller, May 2017. 37 pp. ISBN-13 978-3-901993-59-6 (= PSPS 19)
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