Estill Pollock
Estill Pollock was born in 1950 in Clark County, Kentucky. For a time, he lived and travelled in the American South working as an itinerant tradesman. His early poems were published in regional journals, and nationally in Poetry. Later, he emigrated to England with his family, where he has lived for twenty years as a British subject following the rescission of his citizenship by the US government. This period coincided initially with his decision to cease writing poetry, but after fifteen years, he wrote the sequence of poems Metaphysical Graffiti, published as a pamphlet in 1998. Estill Pollock's return to poetry demonstrates a willingness to engage language in ritual terms at the close of the Postmodern period, along what Paul Celan termed "the creaturely path", with an inventiveness that is at once therapeutic and electric.

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Estill Pollock: Constructing the Human, 2001. 123 pp. ISBN-13 978-3-901993-08-4; ISBN-10 3-901993-08-8
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