Poetry Salzburg Review No. 11

Poetry Salzburg Review No. 11 was published in Spring 2007.
Table of Contents

Editorial (Wolfgang Görtschacher)

Anne Babson | John Barnie | William Bedford | Linda Black | Petros Bourgos | Robert S. Brown | Ann Byrne-Sutton | Craig Caudill | Michael Curtis | Robert Dassanowsky | Theo Dorgan | Ken Edwards | Katy Evans-Bush | Mark Farrell | Ramón García | Martin Green | Gerard Greenway | Daniel Y. Harris | Roger Harvey | Alamgir Hashmi | Graham High | Keith Holyoak | Martin Jervis | Norman Jope | Cralan Kelder | Charles G. Lauder, Jr. | Robert Leach | Marie Lecrivain | Rupert M. Loydell | Gui Mayo | Chris McCabe | Samuel Menashe | Nicholas Messenger | Mary Michaels | David Miller | Andrea Moorhead | Daniel Thomas Moran | Alan Morrison | Kristine Ong Muslim | Alec Newman | Richard O'Connell | Steven Pelcman | Daniel Pendergrass | Yannis A. Phillis | Peter Roberts | John Siddique | Marcus Robert Smith | Will Stone | Elizabeth Witts | Vassilis Zambaras

György Faludy (transl. by Paul Sohar)
Du Fu (transl. by Keith Holyoak)
Oleg Prokofiev (transl. by Graham High)
Igor Severyanin (transl. by Peter Oram)
Kazimierz Wierzynski (transl. by Jennifer Zielinska)

Laurie Duggan reviewing Alan Halsey
Giles Goodland reviewing Ken Babstock, Robin Robertson, Stuart Montgomery and Alyson Torns
Glyn Pursglove reviewing Elaine Randell, Christopher Gutkind and Harvey Shapiro
John Siddique interviewed by Julia Novak
Harriet Tarlo reviewing Fred Beake

Cover artwork by Daniel Y. Harris

Juliet Wilson on PSR 11 at New Hope International Review On-Line:

"This is the first issue of PSR that I've ever read from cover to cover and I must say I'm impressed. The production values are high and the contents are excellent, including a great variety of poetry interspersed with intelligent reviews and interviews. The contributors come from across the globe, including Canada, UK, Greece and Hungary. The poetry (some in translation) comes in a wide range of styles, with a wide range of thematic concerns. [...] Poetry Salzburg Review is a recommended read for anyone interested in excellent poetry."

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